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This page includes a list of open source applications or code examples that we maintain. These resources are geared to help you learn Flybase or speed up development time by using a drop in application.

Open Source Example Apps

These example apps demonstrate some core concepts and common (and sometimes uncommon) uses of Flybase.

Name Description
Kudos An open source, plug and play library that can be used with your Flybase apps to add Kudos to any website or blog.
ACD Call center A sample embeddable call center that can be plugged into Salesforce or other CRMs
SMS Contact Center Flybase can be used with other services easily to build real-time experiences. This open source app built in Node, is a real-time Twilio-powered contact system that lets agents talk to customers from a browser to a customer's phone via SMS messages.
Click to Call Call Center A Real-time Click-to-call call center App powered by Flybase, Twilio and Node.js
Live Blog App Flybase and Twilio powered Live Blogging App, build in Node.js.
McToDo A todo list app illustrating how to use Flybase to build a real-time todo list app.
dmLogin An open source library that can be used with your Flybase apps to provide user registration and authentication.
Daily SMS An open source app built in Node that uses Flybase to store phone numbers and Twilio to send a daily SMS message.
Worker Queue An example of processing data using Flybase as a queuing system An example of using the FIT stack to build a client-side only web app using Angular.js
FIT Stack A boilerplate framework for building rapid MVPs, the Fit Stack (Flybase, Interface, Thin servers) lets you quickly build out your apps.

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